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Resilient Joy, the autobiography of Patrice D'Evans, is based on her one woman show, Patrice D'Evans' Resilient Joy. This book is the compelling story of how Patrice D'Evans overcame a lifetime of narcissistic abuse (including gaslighting) and jealousy.  Her journey begins in New York City (Washington Heights) and continues through her college years, marriage, motherhood and career. 

As a rare Heyoka Empath, Patrice provides us with a timely and much needed perspective on the pain and suffering caused by narcissism and jealousy.  She shares how she got true victory over abuse by making Jesus the center of her joy.  She now lives out her calling which is to help other women unlock their joy and live in their power. 

Patrice's ministry slogan, which she created, is J.O.Y. (Jesus Overcame for You) and is featured weekly on her Patrice D'Evans' YouTube Channel.

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