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Resilient Joy 

A Heyoka Empath's Victory Over Narcissistic Abuse and

Jealousy in Family, Career and Church


Grandma photo.jpg

My Beautiful and Wonderful Grandma Elizabeth Banks

Aunt Van and me younger .jpg

My Aunt Van and me.  Visiting her to help her fix and clean her back room. Taking her out to eat.  (around Nov. 2008)

Senior year burn out.jpg

Senior year during seniorities. Looking good on the outside kept me going. (around 1987)

Spain photot big chop .jpg

Studying Abroad in Spain. (Jan. - May,1994)

My undergrad graduation with sammy and Elizabeth.jpg

My Undergraduate College Graduation Day from Manhattanville College. My niece and my little sister were so proud of me. (May 1994)

LA with my friend book photo.jpg

Me and Christa in LA, California (Feb. 1995)

Victor wedding day.jpg

Victor and me on our wedding day. (Oct. 1998)

Victor wedding holding Marianna.jpg

Marianna at our wedding at 10 month old. (Oct. 1998)

Modeling family photo .jpeg

Rocco, Mariana, Victor and me. (Family photo.) I'm on a photo shoot for my composition card and I cried so much that day (I needed extra retouching) because Victor was verbally abusive and changed his mind at the last minute about helping me out.  As usual you couldn't tell by my smile.  (2001)

Blues Clues photo.jpg
Kids and me Victor's missing.jpg
Kids and me after inheritance apartment .jpg
the kids dressed up at Narroway.jpg

Marianna on a Blues Clues Commercial Promo.  She insisted on meeting Steve. (Aug. 2001- an extremely hot day)

Rocco and Lilli in car.jpg

When Victor was first missing. Times were hard but we had fun anyway. ( Fall 2009)

Rocco and Marianna dressed really nice for a at a Mother's Day Narroway production. (holding on to our joy during the time their father was missing.) 2010?

Dressed nice headed out to Marianna's Cheerleading awards ceremony. We finally got some inheritance. (Summer 2011)

Lilli went with us everywhere.  She knew Rocco picked her from the kennel. "A boy (young man) and his dog." (around 2016)

Pastor Raju photo.jpg

Married and separated from "Jack". The day we met Pastor Raju at Center Grove Church in NC. 

Candi Lewis and me Mary Kay.jpg

My amazing Mary Kay Director, National Candy Lewis. "Jack" was verbally abusing me and giving me a hard time that day and Ms. Lewis was seeing my light and potential anyway.

Zumba confernce african dance guy book photo.jpg
Saka thon class .jpg

My Saka® Women's Class in my own space in Winston.  My Saka Superstars!

Separated from "Jack". (Summer of 2014)

Miracle baby prayed for a long time.jpg

One of the many miracle babies I prayed for.  This photo was with the mom.  He was a real blessing. 

Color Run event Saka book photo.jpg

Me well known in Winston, NC leading the warmup for the Color Run (March, 2014)

At the Zumba conference. I took a photo with the instructor after dancing in the African class. 

(Feb. 2013)

Erin Saka photo.PNG
Saka dancers at event .jpg photo.jpg
Jeff wedding family photo.jpg

Jeff, me and our children on our wedding day.  What a beautiful wedding! (Nov. 2015)

Performing at an event in Greensboro, NC with some of my Saka dancers and Superstars.

(Ashley, other Ashley, Camille and me)

At our Sakathon.  Erin was so essential to our front desk sign-in area. She was such a blessing and so professional.

One of the photos I used (with my natural hair) to met Jeff. 

Babay Delwyn and wedding.jpg
Box Cutter Nurse .jpg

My name in the credits of one of the movies I was in, Box Cutter

Jeff's mom and us .jpg

When we went to Michigan to hang out with Martha, my mother-in-law. She was so funny. She loved Jesus and I loved her. (Summer 2016)

Jeff wedding photo with the kids and Wendy.jpg
Wendy heplng my clothes at wedding day.jpg

My best friend from college, Wendy, my maid of honor. She came all the way from Connecticut to be there for me.  

(Saka Superstar, dancer, Saka instructor and sister from God,) Camille and her beautiful newborn baby boy.  

The fam!  My children, Rocco and Marianna and Wendy.  We all knew why this day was such a blessing.  We felt like family and mom finally has true joy in Love. 

Pastor Standey photo.jpg
Belly dance performance photo for book .jpg

Performing (my signature Caribbean Fusion Belly dance) and key note speaker in Atlanta, GA at a Ladies Who Lunch event.

(around Feb. 2020)

Living in Atlanta, GA and having Pastor Charles Stanley as my pastor. (2018 -2020)

Vicki Cannon what is your testimony_ .png

My Lovely, Vicki Cannon, from my YouTube channel.  The one who asked what my testimony was. Here is her response under the video where I answered her question and shared my testimony for the first time on my YouTube channel. (Easter Sunday (Resurrection day) April 2019)

Happy thumbnail red dress.png


J.O.Y. Party TV (Jesus Overcame for You) ministry on YouTube.

(Channel is Patrice D'Evans)

Billy Graham with an afro our youtube channels .jpg

YouTube had my YouTube ministry alongside Billy Graham's ministry.  I had to get a photo of it since I've been called "Billy Graham with an afro."

Additional Photos 

After Saka class cross sweat book photo Jesus t-shirt.jpg

After Saka class my sweat made a cross. (Gift from Keisha, a Saka Superstar.)

Marianna saka t-shirt.jpg

My daughter Marianna supported my Saka program and classes. 

Saka Superstars in Winston-Salem, NC.

Dana and Valerie.PNG

(left to right -) Dana, Valerie and Marie in the back.

Saka event book photo.jpg

One of our Sakathons in Winston- Salem, NC. Robin and Terri were always in the front. 

Camile and me after saka thon.jpg

After our Sakathon in Greensboro, NC. Camille blessed me with flowers.  She's so wonderful!  I love you Camille.

Robin and Terri.jpg

(left to right) Robin, Dana, Marie and one of the Terri's. 

Dana sherry and Marie Saka superstars.jpg

(Left to right) Marie, Dana and Sherry. 

Greensboro, NC Saka classes

Saka Women's Video Fun Group Photo .jpg

In the orange shirt is Anita who was transformed in her mood form taking Saka classes. Wendy, in the yellow Saka shirt, lost 100 pounds and changed her life outlook as a regular Saka Superstar   

Sakathon Group photo.PNG

Regular Saka superstars were these: on the left of me, Ashley, behind Ashley, Sarah, behind me Quandra, to the right of me Camille, to Camille's right other Ashley, Monique at the very right.

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