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SAG-AFTRA Actress, Caribbean Style Belly Dancer, YouTube Creator
Producer, Author and "Minister of Joy".


Patrice D'Evans, born and raised in NYC, is a devout Christian and a professional performance artist.  


She is a professional actress and dancer who has been featured in various feature films, commercials, T.V. programs, and theatrical productions.  She is a SAG-Aftra actress and a print model. You can find her credits and resume information here on this website and go to also go to IMDB and look up Patrice D'Evans. Below you can also find Patrice D'Evans' various belly dance, international dance and acting performance videos and photos.


Patrice is a naturally gifted, professionally trained and experienced dancer. Her signature dance performance is her Caribbean, (Latin) Style Belly Dance. Patrice's international dance styles also include Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba, Sevianna (Fleminco), Thai as well as urban hip-hop, African and many other international dance styles.  


Patrice is a YouTube Content Creator and Producer with about 11,300 subscribers.  Her YouTube channel is called "Patrice D'Evans". She has many videos on YouTube that are top searches such as "How to Belly Dance (Whine)" and "Caribbean Fusion Belly Dance". 


Patrice D'Evans and her one of a kind, fun-filled Caribbean Style Belly Dance is now available for bookings for family-friendly events including weddings, wedding receptions, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, (adult and children) birthday parties, restaurant appearances and corporate events.  She also offers her Caribbean Style belly Dance Speaking events (and workshops).  She shares her story from her book, Resilient Joy (available on Amazon).  Click on the top bar at the top of the page to book your event TODAY!



Patrice D'Evans 


Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Height: 5’ 5 1/2” Weight: 145 Age range: 30-40 Voice: Alto



Law In Order.                       Catrina Bennett                  NBC-TV

Sex In The City                      Angela                            TBS, Promo. Dir. Brit McAdams



Goodbye To All That.             Liz Colin                          Dir./Screenplay Angus MacLachlan

Box For Rob/ Box Cutter         Nurse                             Prod. Micheal Davis, Dir. Renzo Vasquez

Crooklyn                              Belinda                           Spike Lee

The Cottonwood                    TiffanyJim                        Baffico, Producer

The Refuge                            Rosalina                         Indie.Film



Conflicts available upon request



Gospel According To Tenn.     Gwendaline                    Narroway Productions, SC

Fishes and Loaves                 Mary Magdalene             Narroway Productions, SC

Stop Watch                         Patzy                              The Stella Center, Stony Brook NY

Beyond Therapy                   Charlotte                         College Performance

A Midsummer Night’s Dream   Hippolita                        College Performance

Twelfth Night                        Olivia/Costume               Summer Stock, ETC. School

Side By Side                        Electra/Chorus.                College Performance

Grease                               Patty                               Regional, NY

Carnegie Hall                      Solo/Chorus                   Borough Wide Chorus, NY



Vince Pisani, Atlanta, GA

The Actor's Center of Ashville, Scene Study/Film,T.V.       Kevin Patrick Murphy

The Actor’s Lab                     Scene Study                    J. D. Lewis

Wiest Barron.                      On camera Film               Jim Baffico

                                         Soap Opera                   Chris Gautman

H. B. Studio, NY                  Scene Study                   Michael Beckett

Ensemble Theater Community

School.                               Summer Stock Shakespeare/

                                         Classical, Monologue,

                                         Scene Study                   Ann and Seth Cloz

Harlem School of the Arts-       Acting, Dance and Voice

Manhattanville College, NY-   Theater and Dance Bachelor Degree (minor)


Special Skills/Abilities

YouTube Content Creator/Influencer, Owner/Operator of Saka® Dance Fitness the Franchise (dance fitness enrichment program for children Saka 4 Kids/Saka Women's Online classes.)

Trained Dancer: Belly Dancer (Caribbean, Latin/Salsa Fusion), Kizomba, Cumbia, Meringue, (Lyrical, Jazz, Hip-hop, Flamingo, Thai, Caribbean, and African) Cheerleading,

Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer: (Aerobics, Cardio Dance, Jazzercise, Boxing/Kick boxing,

Strength Training and Weight Lifting) Modeling, Commercial print, Singing, Directing, Producing,

Fluent in Spanish, NYS/NC dual-certified Teacher, Excellent with children, Clown work, Hula-hooping,

Roller-skating/blading (Ice-skating) Tennis, Seamstress (non-licensed), Traveling, Drivers License


"I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me" 



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